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BooBoo Pets just love to play with you. Give them a few minutes of your time and they will adore you forever. Take care of them and they will grow up into beautiful evolution stages. Grab your booboo pet for free right now!

BooBoo Tickle

Great Gamplay

If you love pets, this game is definitely for you. The cute booboo pets need your love, care and affection. They will reward you with their cuteness and love.



BooBoo Cookie


You can take care of your BooBoos by feeding them their favorite meals, playing with them and keeping them clean.

If there’s one thing that they love more than sleeping is eating some cookies. But don’t forget to play with them too. Exercise is important.


BooBoo Tennis


BooBoo pets aren’t picky about their habitats. As long as you spend time to feed and play with them they can live everywhere. But they sure love some extra style and personality added to their rooms. You can choose from lots of wallpapers, floors and furniture to make their rooms the best place on earth.


BooBoo Camera

Social Media

Sharing picture of your BooBoo growing up was never easier. With a simple tap all your Facebook friends can see your sweet BooBoo on their news feed.



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